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17th June 2020

World-first scheme underway to tackle AMR and protect UK patients

UK Government announcement June 17th 2020

A pioneering scheme to provide new antibiotics to NHS patients by offering to pay pharmaceutical companies upfront for their work has been announced by the UK Department of Health and Social Care.  The scheme will see the Government offering contracts to develop new antibiotics to treat deadliest diseases

  • NHS patients could benefit from new antibiotic treatments as early as 2022
  • New drugs will be paid for by world’s first ‘subscription-style’ payment model for antibiotics

The NHS is offering 2 contracts to pay pharmaceutical companies at the start of their work for access to innovative antibiotics, incentivising them to bring new classes of the drugs to patients across the UK for the first time in almost 30 years.

Surveillance forms a vital part of this new scheme and registries such as UKAR will be central to measuring outcomes as this project moves forward.

To get involved in UKAR project as a university partner, industry organisation or investigator please use the contact form or email Tracey Guise, BSAC CEO directly at