UK Antimicrobial Registry

Collecting real world antimicrobial data, improving patient outcomes

21st September 2022

Second UKAR Industry Engagement meeting

On 13th September 2022 industry partners from Menarini, Pfizer and Shionogi joined members of the UKAR Steering Committee to receive an update on plans for the registry and discuss study outputs.

BSAC shared the research questions which the registry is designed to answer which were developed in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen (UoA) team and industry partners. The overarching research question is ‘Which patients are receiving study drugs, for which infections and in what proportions are they clinically effective and without any adverse events?’

The UoA team then presented an update on timelines for documentation and plans for the UKAR pilot across 5 sites followed by a demonstration of the UKAR website to show how data will be entered.

Work on building the registry is near completion and pilot sites from Scotland, England and Wales will begin data entry towards the end of 2022 to test the system and processes prior to broader site recruitment in 2023.

BSAC continues to also engage with NIHR who are supporting the work and with NICE to inform their new health technology evaluation and payment model for antimicrobials.